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Multi-Techno is one of the Best ERP Software In UAE, providing a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in Dubai. At Multi-Techno, we take pride in offering diverse services designed to cater to the unique needs of businesses across various industries including retail, production and manufacturing, contracting and construction and more. From integrated CRM, financial ledgers, sales and inventory management, report generation, HR, and payroll governance to electronic document management and more, Multi-Techno ERP has it all.

Our digital solution brings your business to the cloud so that you can stay ahead in the race of modern companies on the web. Because of our dedication to providing innovative solutions, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for businesses looking to improve their operations and use new technologies. Let our software handle the ledgers so that you can focus on your business acquisition.

Our Key Modules:

Trading and Distribution:

With Multi-Techno’s ERP system, you can transform your trade and distribution operations.
This robust and adaptable platform is made to fulfil the specific requirements of companies in the industry, regardless of size.
Finance and General Ledger
• Finance
• General Ledger
• Bank Accounts Management
• Tracking Accounts Payable
• Tracking Accounts Receivable
• Cash Management
• Multi-Currency Service
• Multi Company Service
• Financial Reporting
• Budget Commitments Management
Sales and CRM System
• Sales Quotation & Order
• Sales Delivery & Sales Invoice
• Sales Representative Management
• Approval Process Transactional Level
• Multiple Due Dates Of Receivables
• Multiple Price Lists Management
• Promotions & Discount Scheme Management
• Multiple Sales Unit
• Point of Sale System
Items and Inventory
• Stock Classification & Multi-Categorization
• Multi-Site & Multi-Warehouse
• Re-Order Inventory Level Management & Alerts
• Multi-Currency Prices
• Kits Management & Stock Inquiries
• Sites And Warehousing Tracking<
• Restocking Governance
• Stock Count & Stock Valuation
• Location Transfer
Procurement Management
• Purchase Management
• Supplier Price Lists
• Multiple Payment Terms
• Import Cost Allocation
• Requisitions For Tenders and Quotations
• Sub-Contract Management
• Purchase Order Requests Approvals
Warehouse Management
• Batch Management
• Lot Management
• Barcode Managment
• Logistics System
• Expiry Date Alerts
Fixed Assets
• Assets Classification
• Assets Categorization
• Assets Location Tracking
• Assets Valuation
• Plans Management
Dimensions and Cost Centers
• Multiple Cost/Profit Centers Management
• Branches, Site and Segment Management

Production and Manufacturing:

For business executives aiming to streamline their processes, the Manufacturing ERP System serves as the foundation. Its importance stems from its capacity to consolidate and optimise diverse procedures, offering a cohesive platform for instantaneous cooperation and decision-making.
Production and Manufacturing
• Production Planning And Management
• Product Management
• Manufacturing Project Management
• Multi-Level Work Orders
• Bill Of Materials
• Valuation Validations
• Production Floor Control

Construction and contracting:

With the help of our state-of-the-art ERP system, transform the way you handle project management and construction. Our all-inclusive solution, which is tailored to the particular requirements of the business, gives you the ability to handle challenging tasks with ease.
Contracting and Construction
• Project Management
• Project Planning
• Project Budgeting
• Project Costing
• Project Cost Approvals
• Interim Payment Certificate Management
• Bill of Quantity
• Task Management
• Project Management Dashboard

Human Resource and Payroll:

Simplified payroll and HR procedures are essential as businesses negotiate the intricacies of contemporary business. Our ERP System is ready to completely change the way organisations handle workforce management, from the intuitive Employee Self-Service Portal to the powerful capabilities of the HR and Payroll System.
Human Resource and Payroll
• Streamlined Personal Information Management:
• Enhanced Payroll Processing
• Efficient Leave and Time Off Management
• Comprehensive Benefits Enrollment and    Management
• Employee Attendance Management
• Staff Advances and Loan Management
• Employee Self-Service Portal
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Executive Dashboards

Interactive Reports

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